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SAFTI-TRAX Application Instructions:

The SAFTI-TRAX Detectable Warning System contains the following:

1. DURABAK or DURABAK 18 totally flexible one-step slip-resistant coating
2. Accelerator packets
3. COTE-L's special stipple rollers
4. Truncated rubber domes attached to 2'x2' or 2'x4' plastic sheets in A.D.A. specified matrix.

In addition, you will need:

1. Xylene, for cleaning surface and for thinning of DURABAK, if necessary
2. Heavy-duty rubber gloves
3. Masking tape
4. Paint roller pan


Please read all instructions carefully before proceeding.

1. Clean surface as specified in DURABAK instructions. New concrete should be fully cured and cleaned with a concrete cleaner. Remove all residue. Old concrete should be cleaned with muriatic Acid or a citric cleaner. Again, remove all residue. Surface should then be thoroughly dried. Old or new concrete should be wiped finally with Xylene immediately before the first coat of DURABAK is applied. (See surface preparation section.)

2. Lay out SAFTI-TRAX plastic sheets with truncated domes for sizing. Be sure to leave white paper release sheet in place underneath domes. If required, cut sheets to size with scissors. When more than one sheet is to be installed in a single area, be sure to line up the alternating rows of domes correctly.

3. Mask off area to be covered by SAFTI-TRAX

4. Place plastic sheet with domes still attached outside work area.
Domes aside.

5. Add 1 large packet of accelerator per quart (or 1 extra large packet per gallon) of DURABAK and mix can thoroughly and frequently, preferably with an electric mixer. Apply one coat of DURABAK onto masked-off area. Do not coat an area larger than one sheet at a time as the domes will need to be placed on wet DURABAK within 10 minutes (see #7).

NOTE: After each coat, close can tightly. Wet stipple roller with Xylene and cover with plastic bag so roller will not dry out. If application is by spray gun, clean spray gun between coats.

6. Lift plastic sheets (with domes attached) and remove the white, bottom release sheet from SAFTI-TRAX truncated domes.

Laying the domes. Laying the domes.

7. While the DURABAK is still wet (within 10 minutes of application), lay domes (with top plastic sheet still attached) in place on wet surface. Without removing plastic sheet, lightly press domes down with a small board to ensure that the bottoms of all the domes are making contact with the wet DURABAK. If surface is uneven, you may need to press some individual domes down by hand.

8. Do not remove plastic sheets from the domes for two to three hours or more, until the domes are solidly attached to the DURABAK. Lighter colors, such as Safety Yellow, may require 4-7 hours or more, depending on climatic conditions.


Masking off the area.

Removing the plastic.

Domes aside.

9. Gently and slowly peel off top plastic sheet parallel to surface, holding the individual domes down with one hand while peeling the sheet back with the other, being careful not to dislodge domes. (You may use a razor blade to slice the plastic sheet into smaller strips for easier removal.) If a dome should become dislodged, apply some DURABAK to the bottom of the dome and press firmly back into place.

10. Apply coat of DURABAK over truncated domes and entire masked-off surface, making sure DURABAK covers the outside base of the domes. Roll in several different directions to ensure complete coverage.


Overcoating Overcoating

11. When the last coat of DURABAK has become touch dry, repeat step 10 with two more coats, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next one.

Coat again.

12. Remove masking tape and let SAFTI-TRAX dry. If tape is not removed promptly and is sticking to the DURABAK, cut along edge with a razor knife and then remove tape.

13. SAFTI-TRAX surface can be walked on in 6 to 12 hours in conditions of average humidity. For special circumstances, average walking time can be reduced. For information, contact authorized SAFTI-TRAX representative.

Walking on it


Your SAFTI-TRAX Detectable Warning System is now complete!

Finished Finished


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