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Excerpts from Satisfied Customers

... One of our biggest problems was to find a non-skid product that could be alliped many surfaces, such as concrete, wood and metal, that would give a good lasting non-skid surface plus durability. The area of most concern for a non-skid product was the University of Colorado football stadium's upper metal deck steps. During bad weather the steps become extremely slippery...

...This summer Lapore's Painting applied Durabak(TM) Polyurethane Coating to the steps. We found the prepartaionand applcation of Durabak (TM) no more difficult than any of the previous products we have applied. This football season we have had three good snows and with normal snow removal we found that Durabak(TM) can take 4 times the amount of snow build-up on the steps as previous products did and still maintain its non skid surface...

We have only been through one winter with this product on the steps but it allready has displayed the durability and traction we could not achieve with other products.

Lepore's Painting


... In January 1991 we did a test application to the "Lucerne". The Deck was sand blasted and primed with Glav 6. Primer #5 and was then, followed by two coats of Durabak(TM) applied by roller. The ship went back into service and the deck condition was monitored after each voyage. The durabak(TM) needed only a touchup after 12 months.

The Durabak(TM) is safer by being less abrasive, more comfortable o work on due to its resilience, and can be repaired if required. Despite the greater initial cost, Durabak(TM) is cheaper in the long run due to its long life. The decision has been taken to standardize on Durabak(TM) throughout our entire fleet...

Viking Fishing Company (Pty) Ltd.

In one of our student dormitories, we had thirty tile showers that leaked periodically, which caused and inconvenience to the residents and to our staff. Facing costly repairs, we discovered your product. The result are showers that are safe, sanitary, attractive and most importantly leak free!

Ursinus College

I just wanted to thank you for Durabak. It it a great product and I tell all my friends about it and urge them to buy some. If you want to check out how it looks in my truck, it is featureed in the May issue of Off-Road magazine on pages 62-64. My brother and I are currently working on our next project Land Crusier and intend to use your product again. I have only taken my truck to one show, but everyone tells me how great the two tone interior floor looks and asks what it is and where to get some. I hope I am sending you some added business. I am sure you'll be hearing from me soon to order soom more.

Bill H

According to the monthly inspections the paint that was applied on January 10, 1995 to buses number 3, 6, 8, and 9410 is holding up and no accidents of student or staff have been occured. I would recommend that the paint be part of all new bus specifications in the future.

Powell County Board of Education

...Since we first purchased your product in July of 1992, we have applied it to a number of our loading dock areas. These areas are under constant forklift and steel wheeled palette jack traffic.

We continue to have no reports of any near miss accidents due to slippery conditions in these areas.

In addition your coating held up very well under extreme conditions over the years. There are some areas which have some scrapes on them due to dragging heavy crates etc. across them. However at this time I can not justify recoating those surfaces because over all the coating is holding up well.

Air Products



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